Our minimum four-week holding period dwarfs most retailers, affording us time to properly quarantine while conditioning fishes to captive environments. Some common ailments can be spotted quickly, however, many ailments do not rear their ugly heads until weeks after a fish settles in. The current industry standard of moving fishes out within one week ensures many diseases and most ailments are passed onto you.

Our prophylactic treatments cover:

  • Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans)
  • Velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum)
  • Monogenean Flatworms a.k.a. “flukes”
  • Turbellarian infections
  • Brooklynella (Brooklynella hostilis)
  • Uronema (Uronema marinum)
  • Bacterial infections (gram+/gram-)

Other diseases and ailments are treated on a case by case basis.

We have developed our intense quarantine protocol after years of consulting with an aquatic veterinarian, a public aquarium curator, public aquarium technicians, tenured industry professionals, and long-time marine hobbyists to ensure we’re providing the highest quality animals available to the US market.

  • Are we 99% sure our fishes are disease-free prior to shipping? Yes.
  • Are we guaranteeing disease-free fishes? No. Ailments may sneak through quarantine measures, albeit very infrequently, and there is currently no treatment for viruses in ornamental aquatic fishes.
  • This is why our minimum four-week holding period is crucial as it allows time for viruses and uncommon ailments to come to light prior to shipping our animals.

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